Santa Fe Original Art

Stephanie West is a fine art painter, jewelry designer, illustrator, website designer, and graphic artist from Santa Fe, New Mexico.

The styles she explores are representational, expressionistic, illustrative, plein air, and abstract. Her creativity spans 40 years in oils, acrylics, collage, and digital media.

Original art connects us to nature, inspiration and a sense of solace. The textures in paintings add an old world charm and elegance to spaces. Art creates a sanctuary for reflection and enjoyment.

15-second time lapse video of outdoor painting

Examples of paintings framed.

Lamy Train Station
Valley on the Way to Los Alamos
Flowers in Blue Vase Painting
Columnar Basalt Landscape Painting
Sunset Oldest Church

Click on any image to view larger. Available paintings of New Mexico to purchase:

Acrylic and Oil Paintings

Giclee Prints