The Ego is Beached

“Beached Crown”


Girl in Kimono

Where the Sun Dines


Santa Fe Original Art is the creation of Stephanie West, a fine art painter, illustrator, educator, website designer, graphic artist and marketing expert from Santa Fe New Mexico.

Stephanie celebrates art. Along with her business partner, Kendra they have created websites for these amazing talents.

Styles Stephanie has explored are representational, expressionistic, illustrative, floral, plein air, abstract and still life.

If you would like to know more about her, visit her other sites:

Santa Fe Stores – A curated directory, guide and souvenir line celebrating the Land of Enchantment

Go West Design – Internet Marketing Company
Best service, tools and internet products

Baby Name Registration – A place to preserve a digital domain for the future of a child and protect their identity

Original art can add an old world charm, add contemporary or modern elegance to a space, and create a sanctuary… the options are infinite. Adding texture, color and imagery creates an energy to enjoy.

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