A Palette of Gratitude

The sun had just peaked over the horizon and cast a shimmer of gold across the New Mexico landscape as we headed North. It was the “golden hour” – that magic hour where all the colors are rich and shadows cast long hellos as they welcome the morning sun.

Nature’s wonder beckoned us to capture it. And, giddy anticipation brewed knowing unique moments could be shared — the easel made easier by a new friendship.

We had met before, but only briefly prior to the Plein Air Painters of New Mexico show at Fuller Lodge. As we each drove to Los Alamos, we saw the fall colors along the Rio Grande and obsessed about when we could paint it.

“Hey – I’m going painting after I pick my art up. Do you want to go join me?” This was the beginning of the best thing about 2020: Our outdoor painting adventures.

Since then, Sunday has become our painting day. We share tips, tools, and updates about our lives. Best of all, we paint. The adventures never end. We’ve met other artists, been stalked by crows, bitten by insects, yelled at for setting up on a sidewalk, and challenged by each other.

We are working on ‘miles of painting’ and tackling new technology from the “How To’s” of tackle (tools and equipment) to webinar workshops.

Quieting one’s inner critic, encouraging bravery, enduring extreme weather, battling bugs, while adding safety is precious. It all adds up to Positivity X2 (times two).

We paint with a palette full of gratefulness as we ‘canvas’ the land of enchantment.

Wendy Ahlm and Stephanie West share their celebration of New Mexico on their websites: wendyahlm.com and stephaniew54.sg-host.com. Catch glimpses of the two of them out and about on their social channels.

Stephanie West

Author: Stephanie West

Art can be contagious, like laughter or singing. When viewing art you can feeling it almost without thought. Encouragement is the greatest gift someone can give to an idea. It can arrive in may forms: self inspired; with a purchase; or spoken to someone else. I hope beauty surrounds you.