Stephanie West Artist

10 things Stephanie West says about herself:

  1. Born on Christmas. Numerology: 7, to know oneself.
  2. My son is Aries rising, moon, and sun. A gift that inspires.
  3. Turquoise with tan, Navy blue with rust, pink with lime green are just a few of my favorite color combinations
  4. TThe Untethered Soulhe immediate family lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico where I grew up.
  5. I met Georgia O’Keeffe during a 3rd grade field trip to the Santa Fe Capital. We walked there.
  6. Certification in Coaching, Yoga Instruction, and Email Marketing. An an award from GoDaddy.
  7. In 2018 I founded an organization to help people with Lymphatic issues.
  8. According to Empathy, W.O.O., Developer, Connectedness, Communication.
    According to: Myers-Brigg ENTJ: Extroverted, Intuitive, Thinking, Judicious.
  9. I enjoy and aspire to: effortlessly dancing with life, living without fear and taming my inner critic. (The Untethered Soul)
  10. Memberships: New Mexico True, New Mexico Women in the Arts, Plein Air Painters of New Mexico.

This website was created by entrepreneur, artist (CV) and Internet sherpa, Stephanie West.  A Santa Fe native, Stephanie is the owner of Go West Design a site offering marketing services.