Appraising Turquoise

Plastic Jewelry Has a Place

There are several practical reasons to invest in plastic jewelry. Number one PRICE. If you can not afford authentic turquoise, plastic is a good alternative.

Plastic Jewelry Can Fool the Eye

Just like artificial flowers, the industry that specializes in plastic turquoise has refined the process to make make turquoise look very real. Plus, as documented by trusted institutions plastic has been used to stabilize soft gem stones as a common practice. 

Plastic is Lighter to Wear

When weight is an issue, plastic is a good alternative. Not all women want enlarged earlobes. Heavy earrings can stretch the skin and also cause pain. Weight of a piece of turquoise can be a telling sign of real verses fake.


Plastic jewelry follows trends. Some plastic jewelry is even considered vintage and of value due to the designers who created them.


Genuine. Affordable. Turquoise

Upcycled vintage assemblage jewelry with real turquoise.

Own authentic turquoise for less than you would pay for plastic!

Real and Retro

Recently I came across a jar of large authentic turquoise beads. If I was near the ANTIQUES ROADSHOW it would be so much fun to get them appraised! I can admit that I’ve always wanted to wear real turquoise. Even as a kid I never wanted plastic turquoise. Maybe it was seeing my Grandmother wear real jewelry gems even if the stone was small and the metal thin. Or that my folks had original art in our home. 


Counterfeit Native jewelry has flooded the market, fooling buyers and harming authentic makers.

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Stephanie West

Author: Stephanie West

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