Commissioned Paintings:

The first painting I was commissioned to create hangs in the living room of a dear friend. Becky purchased the canvas for their home after looking at their wall space and deciding the size and where the painting would go.

Together, she and I reviewed the colors in their home, large footprints such as wall, window treatments, and sofa color. Then, Becky did a most amazing thing… she gave me the freedom to put the subject, style, and color together. This acrylic on canvas is 48″ x 56″. I combined my idea of a sundial, a dragon and Fine Art Nouveau styled flowers.

Representational, Abstract, Illustrative, Impressionistic, dimension, color, texture, are some considerations when commissioning a painting.
Championing other artists:

My good friend and client hired me to coach him in exploring painting.

Already and accomplished sculptor, Victor Wild had no hesitation in working on large canvases from the very beginning.

This painting spans 12 feet in length.

Parasols: As a member of a group of artists we started creating work for an Art Event. I chose to do one-of-a-kind – Color coordinating designs and custom lettering for Weddings, Brides, and other and Events.

These are light weight, create a beautiful splash of color while protecting you from the sun. They cast a glow on the skin and frame the face. Parasols come in paper, silk and rayon from Japan, China and Thailand. Custom parasols for weddings are beautiful. The can make a photograph pop.