Panel Discussion for Artists

The president, John Meister, organized a panel of experts to help painters at the Plein Air Painters of New Mexico annual meeting. It was very educational and fun!

My fellow speakers were:

Peggy Immel – Planning and Preparing for a Paint-out Competition
Stephanie West – Online Marketing for Artists
Lee MacLeod – Planning and Preparing for an Extended Painting Trip
Jack McGowan – Advertising and Marketing Possibilities with PAPNM in 2019

Planning for Painting Competitions (Peggy Immel):
What should I look for when selecting a painting competition to apply to?
How should I plan for an event?
How should I approach producing paintings in an event?
What’s the best way to handle quick draws and features in an event?
What do event sponsors typically appreciate?

Online Marketing and Business Tech for Artists (Stephanie West):
When should I think about a marketing campaign?
How can I begin marketing my art on a shoestring budget?
What is Email Marketing and how does it work?
I need a website (or mine is out-of-date), any suggestions?
How does Social Media fit into the picture?


Planning for a Longer Painting Trip or a Painting Trip Abroad (Lee Macleod):
What do you look for in a painting destination?
How much stuff should I bring?
How do I pack my supplies safely for TSA, etc.? What declarations do I need?
I am and oil painter, what do I do about solvents?
How do I travel with wet paintings

Advertising and Marketing (Jack McGowan):
How can Advertising benefit me?
At what point should I consider advertising?
Where does PAPNM place advertising and what types of ads are they?
How do I participate in co-op advertising if I want to? Do I need to provide my own artwork? How much does it cost?
Are there any other marketing suggestions that you have other than advertising?


My first participation at the annual meeting for the PAPNM was fantastic. I made connections with existing members, a picture frame purchase and received tow gifts from the organization. WOW!

Stephanie West

Author: Stephanie West

Art can be contagious, like laughter or singing. When viewing art you can feeling it almost without thought. Encouragement is the greatest gift someone can give to an idea. It can arrive in may forms: self inspired; with a purchase; or spoken to someone else. I hope beauty surrounds you.